USAID Full Innovation Programming and Design Toolkit

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The USAID Tools for Innovation Programming were written and developed by Rebecca Askin, of Development Alternatives Inc. (DAI). The tools offer insights, processes, and guidance based on USAID’s experiences designing and implementing open innovation programs in The Lab and technical bureaus in USAID/Washington. This collection of tools was informed by in-depth interviews and discussions with the champions and the managers of the following USAID programs: Securing Water for Food: A Grand Challenge for Development; All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development; Saving Lives at Birth: A Grand Challenge for Development; Powering Agriculture: A Grand Challenge for Development; Higher Education Solutions Network (HESN); and Development Innovation Ventures (DIV). Recognition and thanks the following individuals in The Lab who gave ideas, contributions, and comments during the drafting process: Alexis Bonnell, Dave Ferguson, Lanakila McMahan, Seema Patel, Lynlee Tanner Stapleton, Maurice Kent, Jarah Meador, Grace Hoerner, Chad Dear, Wes Day, Tony Bloome, Karen Clune, Marissa Leffler, Wendy Taylor, Ticora Jones, Michelle Jones, Jeffrey Haeni, Jeremy Foster, Jami Rodger, Sara Cardelle, and Matt Corso. Special thanks to DAI’s Meredith Perry, primary author of the Prize Toolkit and Platform Toolkit; Nathan Wyeth, primary author of the Acceleration Toolkit; and Lorin Kavanaugh-Ulku, primary author of the Communications Toolkit. Thanks also to Kristi Ragan, Nora Brown, Nick Brown, Lauren Yang, Carol Chanick, Pierce McManus, Bryan Gerhart, Tamara Stanton, and Ilirjana Dana-Tahmazi of the DAI team, all of whom read versions of these tools and made helpful contributions to their development. 

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

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This toolkit and its 10 individual resources was designed to help you think through how you design a challenge or a prize from beginning to end, including elements like communications and evaluation. 
It also helps you think about what comes after the award and how to help ensure the innovations you support have the best possible chance to have lasting impact.
This was written by teams of experts and program managers who actually design and executed numerous prizes, grand challenges, and ventures. 
See acknowledgements to appreciate all the people and leadership that went into making this kit.
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