​Evaluation of Child and Youth Participation in Peacebuilding EASTERN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO

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Authors: Primary author Sarah Zingg with supporting author Dr Michael McGill

Publisher: Global Partnership for Children and Youth in Peacebuilding

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Thursday, February 1, 2018

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Evaluation of Child and Youth Participation in Peacebuilding

This report was produced by the Global Partnership for Child and Youth in Peacebuilding (launched in 2012), which initiated a multi-country evaluation of CYP, with DRC selected as one of the three countries to be evaluated, along with Colombia and Nepal. The Global Partnership seeks to improve, impact, and strengthen CYP practices. The Global Partnership of international NGOs, national and international CYP organizations, scholars, and supporters believe in young people’s key role in peacebuilding processes around the world.

Children and youth participating in these peacebuilding activities have had four major impacts on peace. They contributed to 1) the development of aware and active citizens for peace; 2) reduced discrimination and increased peaceful cohabitation; 3) reduced violence; and 4) increased support to vulnerable groups.