Social Investment Scotland

Social Investment Scotland

Social investment scotland is a charity and social enterprise that provides loans to other charities, social enterprises and community groups across scotland. We provide funding for social enterprises by borrowing money from a variety of sources, and lending it out at affordable interest rates.
Our mission is simple. We aim to make a lasting, sustainable impact on communities, by helping organisations continue doing the great work they do or expand on that work. Since 2001 we've invested over £50 million in over 210 organisations across scotland, and we continue to manage the largest social enterprise fund in the country.
So whether you're looking into investment, hoping to invest, or simply curious about the world of social investment, spend some time looking around our website - and don't hesitate to get in touch for a chat.

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Social Investment Scotland
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Organization Mission

Our Mission

To connect capital with communities; to make a real, measurable and sustainable impact on people's lives.

About SIS

Social Investment Scotland (SIS) is the largest not for profit provider of business loans to the third sector in Scotland as well as being a social enterprise and registered charity.

SIS is also Scotland's, and one of the UK's, largest Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFI). A CDFI makes loans and other repayable investments to charities, community organisations and social enterprises that may find it difficult to access finance from other sources.

We were established in 2001 by the Scottish Government and the main commercial banks who each provided capital;

Bank of Scotland

In 2009 further capital was provided by the Co-operative Bank.

Our sole focus is to support growth in Scotland's communities by providing a range of finance products. We invest in third sector organisations that have the capability to make sustainable social impacts and our loan funds have already helped hundreds of charities, community organisations and social enterprises across Scotland. Currently, SIS is supporting local job creation, community engagement and economic development in almost every city, town and region nationwide.

The Scottish Government, as well as other support bodies within the third sector were also actively involved in our conception. Since 2008, Social Investment Scotland has been the fund manager of the Scottish Investment Fund on behalf of the Scottish Government which is the largest fund of its kind in Scotland.

Areas of Expertise

Advise on Financial management and operations