Moldovan Environmental Governance Academy (MEGA)

Moldovan Environmental Governance Academy (MEGA)

We are the MEGA Team – the diverse international team of knowledgeable, skillful, and experienced young people from Moldova, Austria, and Canada with the passion and capabilities to create and develop MEGA and its main innovation called MEGA Game: The Game with Impact.

Moldovan Environmental Governance Academy (MEGA) represents an innovative solution to the world’s most pressing social and environmental issues, such as inefficient natural resource management, environmental pollution with waste toxins, loss of biodiversity, climate change, etc. through community participation and collaborative environmental governance.

At a Glance

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Organization Type

  • Social Impact
  • Small Business
  • High-Tech
  • Implementer
  • Non-governmental organization (NGO)


Bd. Moscova 11, MD-2068, Chisinau, Moldova

T : +373 69675157
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Organization Mission

The MEGA Mission is to make people’s green dreams come true!

Under “green dreams” we understand sustainable solutions, eco-innovations, and environmental projects / initiatives that improve both the social well-being of communities and the quality of the environment they live in.

MEGA functions on the basis of the 7 MEGA Values:

  1. We exist to serve the nature and people;
  2. We believe in the power of communities;
  3. We act sustainably in everything we do;
  4. We strive for excellence in all our endeavours;
  5. We do serious work in a fun way;
  6. We lead by example;
  7. We make it MEGA TOGETHER!

The positive impact we create is the following:

  • Practical environmental education and peer-to-peer learning accessible to all interested young people through computer and smartphone, as well as the possibility to practice knowledge and skills and create real positive social and environmental impact during the learning process;
  • Young and experienced environmental specialists / change agents working in companies and organizations and contributing to the protection of the surrounding environment;
  • Passionate green entrepreneurs with their own successful green businesses based on creation and delivery of open-source eco-innovations;
  • Improvement of the environment and as a result quality of social well-being in developing countries.

Area of Focus

MEGA’s focus area is the combination of psychology + technology + ecology in a unique and innovative way to solve our most pressing social and environmental problems in an interactive and fun way. We focus our work on achieving an environmentally sustainable world on the basis of positive feelings such as fun, enjoyment, and optimism about the future. To achieve this we apply the concepts of gamification, open-source ecology, and citizen science that give communities the “power” to create the clean, green, and environmentally prosperous world they desire with their own hands and minds.

Areas of Expertise

Help create a proto-type, Test an innovation and provide feedback, Evaluate/Review your innovation, Join the Team, Be a mentor, Advise on sales and customer service, Give business planning and strategy advice, Share my knowledge of the market, Suggest Partners, Advise on distribution, Grant/Proposal Writing, PR/Marketing/Branding, Media Support, Website, social media, online strategy, Mapping/GIS, Relevent Training, Data expertise