Learning Innovation Design Lab

Learning Innovation Design Lab

The world of technology is growing at a rapid pace, but most schools
don’t have the resources to keep up. We believe youth should be empowered by
learning coding and design skills at an early age.

We are industry leaders and specialists in finding exciting,
creative and innovative design solutions for use as educational aids for any subject
and for any and all ages and backgrounds. With this initiative we aim to change how
children are acquainted with technology such as coding and game design.

At a Glance

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  • Social Impact


Formula D interactive
81 St. Johns Street
Cape Town
South  Africa

T : +27828929316
E : info@learnlab.co.za

Organization Mission

We combine coding and game design
to address and inspire solutions to
environmental and social issues.

Area of Focus

Play to Learn fosters critical thinking
and emphasises early childhood
coding skills through game design on
open source programs such as Scratch.

Areas of Expertise

Test an innovation and provide feedback