To enable disadvantaged youth to pull themselves and each other out of poverty and into tertiary education and/or employment. 

At a Glance

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Organization Type

  • Non-governmental organization (NGO)


47 Westminster Road,
Salt River
Cape Town

T : 0218207444
E : hetile@ikamvayouth.org

Organization Mission

IkamvaYouth equips learners from disadvantaged communities with the knowledge, skills, networks and resources to access tertiary education and/or employment opportunities once they matriculate. IkamvaYouth aims to increase the collective skill level of the population, to grow the national knowledge base, and to replicate success in more communities. 

Area of Focus

Supplementary Tutoring and homework sessions


Career Guidance

Computer Literacy

Media, Image and expression

Health and leadershiphttp

Areas of Expertise

Test an innovation and provide feedback