Haitian Education & Leadership Program (HELP)

Haitian Education & Leadership Program (HELP)

HELP’s mission is to create, through merit and needs based scholarships, a community of young professionals and leaders who will actively contribute to a more just society in Haiti. We envision a Haiti where everybody has access to quality education, the opportunity to live up to his or her potential, and the ability to contribute to a just and prosperous society.

In addition to the university curriculum, HELP students receive advising, counseling and career services, ensuring high rates of graduation and local employment. Students also receive mandatory instruction in computer literacy, English language, and citizenship & leadership, preparing them to be at the forefront of economic and social progress in Haiti. HELP students and graduates have started organizations providing services to hundreds of young people across the country.
For the past 20 years HELP has been creating a group of modern, educated leaders from traditionally marginalized communities. In the spring of 2016, student-led recruiting teams visited more than 1,000 high schools across Haiti. HELP reviewed over 350 scholarship applications from straight-A students offering 25 freshman scholarships that will be maintained through graduation. HELP currently has 178 students enrolled in its program. 

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HELP in the US
64 Fulton Street, Suite 1102
New York, NY 10038
+1 (646) 485-8667

HELP in Haiti
ELP Student Center
#4, Rue 5, Pacot
Port-au-Prince, Haiti 6113

T : +509-2943-0760
E : info@uhelp.net