The Global Knowledge Initiative

The Global Knowledge Initiative

The Global Knowledge Initiative (GKI) is a non-profit organization committed to leveraging networks and best-in-class research, scientific expertise, and technologies to address challenges facing the world’s poorest and most vulnerable populations.  GKI-supported networks engage diverse participants, including companies, governments, universities, and local communities in pursuit of diverse objectives.  These objectives include boosting smallholder productivity in Uganda’s banana value chain; addressing community-based water challenges in Malaysia; and reducing post-harvest food loss in Sub-Saharan Africa, among others.  
Heralded as one of the next century’s 100 most innovative organizations by The Rockefeller Foundation, GKI addresses complex challenges through:

  • Building the capacity of  problem solvers to innovate and collaborate more effectively;
  • Informing national policies and strategies that promote research and innovation for development;
  • Researching and evaluating systems that impact innovation in developing countries;
  • Running social innovation labs that engage stakeholders and envision bold solutions to pressing development challenges
  • Supporting and developing problem-solving networks that pool resources from diverse fields, sectors, and geographies. 

At a Glance

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  • Social Impact
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Organization Mission

We build global knowledge partnerships between individuals and institutions of higher education and research. We help partners access the global knowledge, technology, and human resources needed to sustain growth and achieve prosperity for all

Areas of Expertise

Test an innovation and provide feedback, Evaluate/Review your innovation, Give business planning and strategy advice, Suggest Partners, Government Relations, Policy, Advocacy, Relevent Training