Casa Tres Patios Foundation

Casa Tres Patios Foundation

Casa Tres Patios (C3P) is a contemporary art center located in Medellín, Colombia. For the past 10 years it has been researching and developing projects with an emphasis on new pedagogies, artistic practices and open knowledge.

C3P´s multidisciplinary programs are designed to address the needs of children, young people, artists, art students, community leaders, researcheres, teachers, cultural organizations and the general public of all ages and income levels.

Casa Tres Patios believes that the processes of inquiry and independent thinking employed in contemporary artistic practices and the open sharing of knowledge, can expand the way we see, the way we think and the way we interact with the world.

*Current programs, projects and activities: Creative Communal Laboratories (pedagogical project), Unlearning Laboratories, Experimental Local Residencies, Multidisciplinary inter-national residencies, Exhibitions, Workshops and Talks.  

*Current research: "New relationships with capital" 


At a Glance

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Medellín, Colombia

Cra 50 A # 63 - 31
Neighbourhood - Prado

T : 57 4 571 77 98
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Area of Focus

-Promoting critical thinking through pedagogical and artistic strategies, in the context of the armed conflict in Colombia and in connection with other cultural experiences.  

-Designing and developing pedagogical strategies based on conceptual basis of contemporary art, social science and pedagogy.

-Interconecting local (Medellín) and international artistic practices to the educational system, through a multidisciplinary residency program. 

-Purposing pedagogical strategies in the artistic practices.

-Learning from / and promoting free software and open knowledge practices through a hackerspace friend Un/ 


Areas of Expertise

Share my thoughts, Suggest/provide funding and resources, Help create a proto-type, Test an innovation and provide feedback, Be a mentor, Grant/Proposal Writing, Data expertise, Backend Coding/Programming support