BOSCO’s mission is precisely to leverage frontier collaboration technologies (ICT) for building international partnerships—organization-to-organization and person-to-person—in support of the emergence of once-isolated communities into new forms of wisely-chosen participatory global citizenship. In short: connecting people, preserving culture.

In building these partnerships, BOSCO’s historical competency lies in rural ICT connectivity and training, but our unique focus is using that technology for community-building. This craft of building cyber-catalyzed community is a new manifestation of a lost art. It is pressed into contemporary expression both by the desire to overcome ever-widening disparity among peoples resulting from the near-runaway pace of global change, coupled with unprecedented opportunities for collaboration created on the advancing technology edge of that change.

BOSCO’s immediate future is focused on developing synergistically connected, entrepreneurial, and sustainably electrified ecosystems in the communities we serve. In partnership with the University of Notre Dame’s Initiative for Global Development and Accenture, BOSCO is a strategic and implementing partner in the Connectivity, Electricity and Education for Entrepreneurship (CE3) collaboration.

With CE3, we are exploring models of community-based ownership and husbandry of microscale hybrid solar technology, supporting and supported by computer-based entrepreneurial training in both formal and informal educational settings. Entrepreneurial trainees are connected person-to-person with local and international mentors who function both as trainers and as gateways into micro-financial capitalization of new business ventures.

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Rev. Dr. Joseph Okumu
Executive Director, BOSCO-Uganda,
C/o Catechist Training Centre, Gulu Archdiocese
P. O. Box  200, Gulu, Uganda
Tel: +256-772-613 517

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Off-grid electrification
Entrepreneurial Education

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