Ayiti Pou Nou Tout/Haiti-Share/Haiti

Ayiti Pou Nou Tout/Haiti-Share/Haiti

We are a christian organization worked since 2007 in Haiti. The youth, kids. See them mature in character to help their country and themselves. Provide education and training for the youth. Basic class of English, Computer repair, Microsoft office and music. Youth leadership class and Group priye SANSES

From dependency to leadership by the grace of God. We think leadership is the key.

At a Glance

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  • Social Impact


136, rue l'Union entree Paloma, Carrefour

T : 34613844
E : raymond@haitishare.org

Organization Mission

Help group of youth in Haiti to become more efficient to help themselves and their country.

Give them tools to face any problems.

Encourage them to serve the Lord.

Finance their education only in HAITI

Scholarship for college in HAITI

Area of Focus

Education, leadership, entrepreneurship and evangelism
We are in Carrefour since 2007.

Areas of Expertise

Share my thoughts, Help create a proto-type, Join the Team, Be a mentor, Give business planning and strategy advice, Suggest Partners, Media Support