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4.0 Schools

4.0 schools is a community of entrepreneurs, educators, and families that believes school can be dramatically better for every child. We equip entrepreneurial people to create new education startup companies and schools.

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643 Magazine St., Suite 206
New Orleans, LA 70130

E : info@4pt0.org

Area of Focus

4.0 Schools offers a platform for teachers, technologists and entrepreneurs to create bold solutions for the real problems in America’s schools. These new ventures serve as the core of the future of education – schools, products and services that reimagine the way we teach and learn.

Our rigorous process gives aspiring entrepreneurs a pathway from their initial hunch to the launch of their new product or school. For four years we’ve been building a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs willing to challenge the status quo in schooling. The 4.0 platform provides:

  • Access to the people doing the most innovative work in education;
  • World-class training and hard-hitting feedback from 4.0 staff, mentors and alums; and
  • Financial support to run small-scale tests with teachers, parents and kids that reveal breakthrough solutions to acute problems they face every day.

We’re based in New Orleans, LA, home to the nation’s first truly entrepreneurial education ecosystem. We support thriving ecosystems in NOLA and NYC, but train entrepreneurs nationwide who take back new solutions and mindsets to their hometowns.

Over the next five years, we’ll bring the hope and energy of the 4.0 community to the rest of the nation. You should join us.

Onward and upward,

Matt Candler
Founder and CEO
4.0 Schools