Loowatt Emergency Toilet Concept

Loowatt is a London-based start-up that develops waterless toilet technologies. Loowatt technology is suitable for rapid deployment, and is particularly well adapted to urban populations and flood areas where traditional latrine solutions often become unsafe, unsustainable, and undesirable. 

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Their HIF-funded project is looking at piloting these toilets in the humanitarian relief sector, with a conscious focus on providing hygienic technology through collaborative implementation strategies. Loowatt technology also offers the potential to incorporate on-site energy generation into waste processing systems.


How does your innovation work?

The core technology of Loowatt systems uses biodegradable polymer film combined with a unique sealing technology in the toilet, and offsite waste treatment through anaerobic digestion, to produce energy and fertilizer. This is a flexible technology that is currently being built into toilets for events and festivals in the UK, and for urban areas that lack sanitation. Various system components can be locally constructed.

What is your strategy for expanding use of your innovation?

This project looks at how best to implement Loowatt systems in emergencies. By the end of the project we will have produced a thorough implementation plan including preferred partners for piloting our toilet technology for this application in 2016.