JustMilk is developing a low-cost Nipple Shield Delivery System (NSDS) to administer drugs or nutrients to breastfeeding infants in a safe, effective manner.

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JustMilk received a grant in 2013 from the Saving Lives at Birth Challenge and is currently conducting research to inform the design, marketing, and eventual delivery of the device. In 2014, JustMilk began user acceptability studies with mothers at the University of Venda in South Africa to answer questions like: should the device be disposable or prefilled with medicines, how should it be packaged, and would its use generate stigma for users—and if so—how can that be prevented?

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To use the NSDS, a mother places the device, containing a pre-loaded tablet insert, over her breast before breastfeeding. As her infant breastfeeds, milk passes through the device, causing the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to be released directly from the tablet into the breast milk and passed to the infant. The NSDS will be pre-loaded, disposable, and will minimise material thickness while maximising skin-to-skin contact with the infant.