The Roddenberry Catalyst Fund

The Catalyst Fund awards small grants for early-stage, innovative, and unconventional ideas that address urgent challenges.
The Catalyst Fund makes grants between $2,500- $15,000. We don’t limit ourselves to any one issue, rather we search across issues to identify opportunities where innovation is needed to address an urgent challenge. The Fund accepts applications on a continuous basis with no deadlines. There is no limit to the number of projects we’ll support in any given year. From time to time we will post a request for proposals for a specific problem we find particularly compelling or underfunded.

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Applying to the Catalyst Fund

Anyone can apply. No one has a lock on a great idea. The Catalyst Fund has been created to source ideas from all corners of the globe.

We are looking for individuals or teams who are unbound by convention; whose projects challenge our thinking; who compel us to see a problem in a new light; and whose creativity and imagination redefine notions of what can be done and how.

You can be a seasoned social entrepreneur or a first- time changemaker. There are no disqualifiers. No prerequisites.

What we mean by big, bold ideas

Bold ideas depart from the status-quo and require us to look at a problem and its solution in a new light. Big ideas have a high potential for large-scale impact and sustainable change. Combined, ideas that are big and bold hold the promise of substantively improving the conditions for those in need in new and unheralded ways.

That doesn’t mean we’re looking for the fantastical or sensational. Even big and bold ideas need to be achievable and informed by relevant facts. Nor are we looking for one single path or “magic” solution. No one idea will solve poverty, income inequality, or hunger. Complex problems require novel approaches that can be scaled to meet the needs of the many. That is what we we’re looking for.